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2024 Endorsements

Dawn O'Brien

Notice “More 4 Less” Hawai‘i? 

More money for less groceries… 

More taxes for less public services (but more crime!)…

More work for ‘ohana (families) with less pay & higher cost of living? AUWĒ!


Unfortunately this is our reality. Why? Largely thanks to politicians who’ve been in control for decades & created a “More 4 Less” Hawai‘i. More for them, less for us. 


And that’s exactly why we need a new warrior for the ‘ohana of Hawai‘i: Margaret I have known Margaret, her husband Jonathan and their sons for decades. She is a servant-leader, successful businesswoman, generous philanthropist & inspiring, caring friend. 


As the Aloha Ambassador of our Aloha State, I Dawn O’Brien ask you to vote for Aloha by voting for Margaret ALOHA!

Media Personality & Aloha Ambassador

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