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2022 Endorsements

Endorsements are organized alphabetically by last name and are continually updated.


Aguirre & Aldea Kekumu 

Pastor/Minister (Rosemarie Aguirre); 3rd Runner-up Mrs. Hawaii 2022, Mrs. Hospitality & Mrs. Congeniality (Aldea Kekumu)


Photo order: Margaret Lim (left), Aldea Kekumu (middle), Rosemarie Aguirre

I endorse Margaret U. Lim as a State Representative for District 27.
I have known Margaret and her family as fellow church members and friends for many years. We both served as core leaders in Filipino ministry, and she is my number one supporter as I am now a long-term missionary to the Philippines. Margaret is the most generous, professional, genuine character, consistent, and compassionate person I know. She is generous not just in monetary but also in her time, effort, and compassion. She goes over and beyond in helping others without conditions. She would sacrifice her comfort to help others. She would put her whole heart and offer her resources to get things done when she believes in something. This is the kind of person we want as a leader! Dependable, with good moral character, compassionate, and generous of their time and effort for the community, get the essential and relevant things done

- Rosemarie Aguirre

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