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My Top Priorities


Support Hard-working Families & Struggling Local Businesses

Rising inflation is hurting our families. The labor shortage and rising wages is closing down local businesses. To address both issues, I will advocate for giving tax credits to individuals who are working 40 hours or more each week, and those starting a new job as of January 2023. This policy will encourage those working less than full-time or not working at all to seek out more work, easing the labor shortage without raising the wages that small businesses must pay to their employees. A tax credit would also raise the real wages (purchasing power) of individuals that are already working full-time.


Reduce Rising Crime & Drug Abuse

Drug-use is a big contributor to crime in our state. Reducing substance abuse in our state will lead to less property crimes and violence in our district. Just like any other goods consumed in Hawai'i, the vast majority of illegal substances in our state is imported. We are not like the mainland where borders are expansive and difficult to monitor. I will push for policies that empower our law enforcement and custom officials to better monitor our maritime, air, and postal borders in order to intercept and confiscate illegal substances that are being trafficked into our state.

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